About Ban

I was always intrigued by sharp things since I was a kid. I’ve had a passion for knives since I can remember attempting to make knives using creative materials.

My first real knife came around 1998. I was inspired by RJ Martin’s Kozuka. I purchased a Grizzly belt grinder and made my own Japanese cord-wrapped knife out of D2.

While my passion for knives has never waned, it was not until 2007 that I began to pick up knife making again, this time more seriously. I started doing modifications, regrinds for Busse knives and within a short period of time, I purchased my KMG.

I also started to create my own designs with the BT4 being my first standard production knife. It’s a design that I am most proud of and continues to be a sought out knife even today.

Everything I know about knives has been self taught. I owe thanks to Ron Hembrook as he took me under his wing and through emails he graciously gave me tips and pointers about knife making and the proper equipment needed.

For me, I believe that a knife has a function. It has to cut and it has to cut well. If it doesn’t cut well then it’s not much of a knife. I go to great lengths to ensure that every one of my knives is as sharp as they can be for their given design.

I get great satisfaction delivering a beautiful, functional, sharp knife to each one of my customers. I appreciate the feedback and the inquiries as they inspire me to continue to refine my skills and styles to develop better quality knives.

Ban Tang
Founder and Lead Craftsman